Trends in technology investment is a set of soap bubbles. Research generates new opportunities, new technologies which quickly need the air of investment to fly away. Some do not get air and never born. Others receive too little, and the weight of the soap makes them rush to the ground in freefall. Without a minimum investment there is no possibility of implementing new technologies.

Traditionally, large corporations have the necessary investment capacity. All that technology was concentrated in a few companies, but the Internet arrived, and this also revolutionized the visibility of small projects for investment. No wonder that small start-ups are able to develop products or services unpublished, and attract funding for it. At last there was air for all bubbles!

But it goes one end to the other, we humans are like that. And now it's curious to see how projects without having a clear business model quickly reach millions in funding. This is particularly evident in startups born for a mobile application, and it is also free to users. The famous Apps. These bubbles rise quickly, too much, reaching heights where they explodes quickly too.

Recently, at a meeting with a famous Business Angel, when I finished my presentation, he said that his policy was only invest in Apps. I guess 15 years ago he invested only in dotcom.