The idea was born long ago. It is now when I have seen that the time has come to launch this project.

Quite simple, I joined an e-commerce service with a logistics service. This combined service want to make easier online sales to entrepreneurs and companies that are not selling on the internet.

We take care of absolutely everything related to the online sale offering an integral service.

There are already many projects in which I have seen how the online channel is the great hope of the business plan and ends up becoming the most expensive sales channel. Not to mention the logistics that many entrepreneurs do not know what it is, let alone estimate their costs.

On the other hand, companies consolidated with other sales channels, will have an entry barrier in online sales that often ends up deflating the initial impetus.

Lack of programmers, community managers, web designers, even more not having an online sales adapted logistics, is the main cause of failure in the adventure of electronic commerce.

Once a company is in this adventure, it must decide by one of the following 3 options:

- Own structure. Set up a web-shop and maintain it. They have to get people for customer service of the store, digital marketing, manage social networks, etc.

-Pack web-shop. Usually it consists of a free distribution online store or a template for a CMS, for example, PrestaShop or WooCommerce. In this case they have outsourced the server and the installation, but the rest have to assume it, and the installation is the simplest process.

-Turn key. Development and maintenance are outsourced, but the staff is still needed to manage the web-shop itself and its promotion.

From my point of view, none of the three is valid for many small businesses. The first because it forces the entrepreneur to spend his time to something for which he is not usually prepared. The second option ends up being worse than the first, you still need a team dedicated to online trading, so that it increases fixed expenses. The third is reserved for companies that can support the necessary investment.

For these reasons I believe that Comercialea is the best option for entrepreneurs, especially those who do not come from the IT world, and small companies that already sell in other channels but can not increase their fixed expenses.

Comercialea offers, for a small monthly fee, everything necessary so that the entrepreneur can disengage from the online channel and includes the storage of the products for sale.

Comercialea works to success, charging 10% of sales. This commission is much lower than any other online sales service.

The secret is in the years that we spend doing this. Our software has been in constant evolution for 10 years and allows us to build a solution in record time. It also allows us to maintain all of our customers' solutions as one

Also the marketing and customer service staff, and the warehouse, are ready for sale online. We also have our own warehouses prepared for the particularities and requirements of Internet commerce.

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